Transfers / Interstate Transfers

Our services also include transferal of firearms. Whether they are Person-to-Person Transfers or Insterstate Transfers, we can transfer and post for you. We have provided some information for you to help make the transfer of the firearm(s) a smoother transaction for you.

For any transfers of firearms if the previous owner of the firearm/s is unable to be present, here is what we need to do the transfer:

  • Your current license (physical license required – picture or copy of your license will not suffice)
  • Signed letter of Authority from previous owner or Executor of the Will (if previous owner of firearm has passed away)
  • Copy of previous owner’s current license
  • Registration Certificate of firearm (pink slip for firearm)
  • Copy of Death Certificate (if previous owner of firearm has passed away)
  • Current Permit(s) to Acquire (either paper or electronically submitted)

Postage to another Dealer

We can post your firearms to any dealer in Australia. Here’s a list of the things we need to securely send your firearm to another dealer:

  • Your license (to put the firearm(s) through our books)
  • Name of dealer to be sent to, with all information as to where it needs to be sent etc
  • Details of end receiver – Contact number and name (to make things easier on their end to pick up)
We DO NOT send ammunition, this is something which is difficult and costly to send.