Transfers / Interstate Transfers

Our services also include transferal of firearms. Whether they are Person-to-Person Transfers or Insterstate Transfers, we can transfer and post for you. We have provided some information for you to help make the transfer of the firearm(s) a smoother transaction for you.

Our Fees for Transfers and Extra information

For any transfers of firearms if the previous owner of the firearm/s is unable to be present, here is what we need to do the transfer:

  • Your current license (physical license required – picture or copy of your license will not suffice)
  • Signed letter of Authority from previous owner or Executor of the Will (if previous owner of firearm has passed away)
  • Copy of previous owner’s current license
  • Registration Certificate of firearm (pink slip for firearm)
  • Copy of Death Certificate (if previous owner of firearm has passed away)
  • Current Permit(s) to Acquire (either paper or electronically submitted)
Person-to-Person within the store or Acting as Agent for transfer

$25 + cost of permit (we can do permit payments instore for paper permits) Per firearm

Handling a Second Hand firearm from another dealer/interstate transfer

$25 + cost of Acting as Agent fee ($25) + permit payment – Per firearm

Handling a Brand New firearm from another dealer/interstate dealer

$75 + cost of Acting as Agent fee ($25) + permit payment – Per firearm

We will also incur storage fees on firearms if they are held for transfer for longer than a week,

Postage to another Dealer

We can post your firearms to any dealer in Australia. Here’s a list of the things we need to securely send your firearm to another dealer:

  • Your license (to put the firearm(s) through our books)
  • Name of dealer to be sent to, with all information as to where it needs to be sent etc
  • Details of end receiver – Contact number and name (to make things easier on their end to pick up)
We DO NOT send ammunition, this is something which is difficult and costly to send.
Postage Fees

$65 + cost of Acting as Agent fee ($25) + cost of postage (freight charge can vary greatly depending on size, weight and destination) – Per firearm
This includes handling/wrapping/admin within the fees