Storage at Miall’s

At Miall’s Gunshop we offer storage for your firearms, short or long term storage is available. All firearms are safely stored and insured whilst on the premises.  Permanent storage is available for those who do not wish to store their firearms at home. Permanent storage customers who wish to use their firearms can make arrangements for pick up and drop off.

Our fees for the storage of firearms

$25 (per firearm) – Admin fee for processing the firearm/s into the book, it also covers the cost of withdrawing the firearm back into your name/transferal into another licensed holder’s name.
$22 (per firearm) – Cost of storage per month
For storage of firearms, we do require the first month upfront payment to store the firearm/s. You can also pay months ahead if you are heading away or planning on getting transferred into another license holder’s name.