Don’t worry about filling in a permit we can do it all for you, we offer a quick and simple service that allows us to submit all of your permit applications. Permits are approved within 2 to 3 days. For first time firearm owners a 28 day waiting period applies. Come and see our friendly staff, who can take care of all your firearm needs. For more information on our permit service please contact us.


For those new to the sport of shooting and for those unsure of how to go about obtaining a license come and speak to our staff who can assist and advise you on obtaining your shooters license and completing your paperwork. License applications are available in our store and our accredited firearm safety instructors can help you with all your questions and any information you may need in assisting to get your licence up and running.


We will require your current Firearms License details for the permit process.

This form IS NOT a Firearms License application, please see us in store to find out about obtaining forms and courses for your Firearms License.

With filling out the final form, please check what firearm permit you will be applying for. For example:

Category A will include – Shotgun (not including pump or semi automatic) Rimfire rifles (not including semi automatic) and Air Rifles. We do not need any further information about the firearm for this type of permit.

Category B will include – Centrefire Rifles (not including semi automatic) Muzzle Loading Rifles. We do require Type, Action and Calibre for this permit.


Calibre – 300 Win Mag.

Type – Centerfire

Action – Bolt Action

If you are unsure what type or action you are applying for please call us or refer to this chart: Firearm Category Chart