mauserThe famous Mauser lives on! The new Model Mauser M03 is a revolution. Incorporating the highest quality materials available, the Mauser M03 is a masterpiece in quality, design and technology featuring elegance and beauty. 

The M03 like the Blaser is a take down rifle and can be taken down and re assembled in seconds, once sighted in this rifle is guaranteed to hold it's point of aim regardless of how many times the rifle is disassembled and re assembled. Incorporating the quick detachable square bridge mounting system, interchangeable bolt heads and a huge range of interchangeable calibres. The Mauser M03 boasts many similar features to the Blaser R93 but incorporates a traditional lift bolt action and detachable magazine.
The M03 is available in synthetic and walnut models and also with a selection of barrel profiles and engravings.

Mauser 98
Possibly the most famous rifle ever manufactured in the world. The Mauser 98 is available in limited production and on special order only. The Mauser 98 would suit the Mauser enthusiast and connoisseur.

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